K-Drama Releases in October

K-Drama Releases in October

New month, new K-Drama releases. This October has a lot of highly anticipated and awaited K-Drama. These are some of those K-Drama releases in October. 

Bad Prosecutor

bad prosecutor kdrama

Release Date: 5 October

Synopsis: Bad Prosecutor stars K-pop group EXO’s member Doh, popularly known as DO. He plays the titular role of Jin Jung — an unconventional prosecutor who is determined to break an unlawful chain created by misuse of wealth and power. In the Netflix show, Shin Ah Ra (Lee) is a senior prosecutor and Oh Do Hwan (Ha) plays the role of an ambitious prosecutor.


glitch kdrama

Release Date: 7 October

Synopsis: This Netflix sci-fi mystery drama is about Hong Ji-hyo (Jeon), a woman who can see aliens. She tries to ignore these strange occurrences until her boyfriend suddenly disappears. Ji-hyo then consults a UFO-watching club only to uncover a mysterious controversy. Heo Bo-ra (NANA) plays her childhood friend who helps her in this quest.

The Queen’s Umbrella

the queens umbrella

Release Date: October 15

A troubled Queen finds herself resorting to uncommon methods to make her 5 sons become worthy of their titles.

May I Help You

may i help you kdrama

Release Date:19 October

Synopsis: While pursuing her dream job, Baek Dong Joo (Lee) discovers a unique ability she possesses that allows her to take wishes from the dead in this MBS show. This heartwarming and fulfilling tale documents a perfect blend of comedy and a few soul-stirring sequences.

Curtain Call

curtain call kdrama

Release Date: 31 October

Synopsis: In this KBS2 drama, Ja Geum Soon (Youn) plays the role of an old woman who had escaped from North Korea when she was young and established a chain of hotels in South Korea. Se Yeon (Won), the hardworking heiress of the business, is portrayed as Soon’s granddaughter.

However, Soon has little time in her hands to live and has a death wish. Yoo Jae Heon (Kang) who is a local theatre actor is approached to pretend to be her grandson to fulfil this wish which changes his life.


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